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JUST A REMINDER [17 Jul 2010|07:11pm]
[ mood | farty ]

i have moved to http://teendracula.blogspot.com

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haha ! [15 Feb 2010|12:28pm]
[ mood | busy ]

okay, disregard THAT last entry. i'm going to be blogging here:


for real !

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false alarm ! [03 Nov 2009|06:41pm]
[ mood | sick ]

okay, new blog is here. disregard last entry !

thanks to kate and nick for helping me figure out wordpress.

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relocated ! [28 Oct 2009|04:50pm]
[ mood | dumb ]

guys i can't resist the allure of having people on the internet pay attention to me.


note: this may become a domain with a wordpress soon !!

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paradise by the dashboard light [30 Jun 2009|08:56am]
[ mood | good ]

hey dudes sorry i got bored with livejournal ! maybe i will continue to do it soon. you guys can e-mail me or IM me or whatever if you miss hearing about me going to the bathroom or thinking about dracula or whatever.

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mannnnnnnnnnnnnn [14 May 2009|11:43am]
[ mood | busy ]

sorry dudes, my event is this weekend. i'll be back after that !

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i thought this time i'd keep all of my promises [08 May 2009|09:29am]
[ mood | stressed ]

sorry, dudes, my event at work is next week. i'm normally insanely busy, but this year our staff is four people short so i'm insanely INSANELY busy. it sucks, it's wearing me out and sucking out all of my energy to work on my numerous personal problems (ED stuff) and hang out with people !

that said, i have been hanging out with people. mouse came over tuesday and we had dinner together, and then on WEDNESDAY we had dinner with kris at new delhi. last night i had to skip my raid and not do anything because my landlord is showing my apartment today and i needed to clean. jesus christ that was an ordeal ! my house wasn't too messy but my entire back room was full of clothes. not even kidding, it was like mid-calf high solid wall to wall clothes. i cleared some of it out when i did laundry last week, but i had to figure out what to do with the rest. it's kind of a bummer, almost all of it is clothes that are irreparably ripped, super fucking ugly, or too big/too small and i should throw it out but i'm too lazy !


man i wanted to write more but i am truly so swamped at work that i am miserable and stressed out and hate everyone.
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a christmas card [05 May 2009|09:28am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

yesterday was the worst day at work- this dude yelled at me on the phone for thirty six minutes about how our website is broken. it turns out he was dumb? he was searching for people and then not clicking on their search results so he was like ALL I CAN SEE IS A THUMBNAIL OF THEIR PICTURE AND THEIR NAME, NO CONTACT INFORMATION !!!!!!!!!!, because like with anything on the internet, you have to click one of the search results to view it. then he spent another thirty minutes trying to rewrite history, being like, "you won't tell anyone i yelled at you, will you?" and "we're friends, right?" and trying to get me to tell him something i wanted from canada so he could send it to me (next week i should have some maple syrup).

maple syrup

then this woman called a two hour meeting for "training" on how to use our website, which was basically my entire team sitting there like, "der?" while she asked her own personal questions because she can't figure out how to look at a website.

i was kind of worn out after work and just wanted to go to bed or something, but mouse kindly took me grocery shopping and to pick up my laundry (my laundry was $30 which almost gave me a heart attack, but it's like 2 months of laundry with 4 sheet sets, a comforter, and all my towels- which would've cost me about $26 to wash myself, and i never would've folded it all !). i'm pretty sure i will never not think mouse is the funniest person ever. since i was feeling crappy, i had a weird dinner of macaroni salad, a tofurky sandwich, and an entire pineapple. i also bought pistachio gelato but my freezer is too warm so it was super super soft and i can't eat melty ice cream. i can't eat refrozen ice cream either so i just tossed it. wasteful, there are starving kids in italy who don't get any gelato.


i read for a little while after he left (re-reading fellowship of the ring) and did a quick 25-man naxx with my guild and then worked on some poetry. did i tell you dudes that i am writing a bunch of romantic poetry? the best possible summer sport. okay bye.
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you can't get all upset [04 May 2009|09:13am]
[ mood | stressed ]

hey dudes ! i had a good weekend. i think i start every monday's entry like that? but it's usually true !

on friday i think i probably played warcraft and read? i'm 99% sure i didn't go anywhere and just hung out at home, but i truly can't remember. on saturday, mouse and i went to northern liberties to eat pizza at homeslice (i noted that the macaroni and cheese restaurant was, of course, closed). they were super busy (with takeout orders, no one was there) so we ordered and walked around awhile. we ran into a couple with two awesome rescue poms:


the girl was named PUFFY and the dude was named ROCKY BALBOA !!!!! the couple was also nice/funny except the lady half of the couple was like, "gasp isn't west philly DANGEROUS?" and told us how she didn't like when people rode their bikes in the street. zzzz sounds like someone who lives in northern liberties. anyway, we got to explore the area and it's pretty weird down there, it's like a weird futuristic yuppie oasis in the middle of detritus and abandoned buildings and warehouses. we saw like a hundred dogs and none weighed over 15lbs. the pizza was pretty good, though- i got artichoke/mushroom/olive and mouse got vegan sausage- but we also stopped at the candy store so i wasn't really hungry and was probably kind of annoying.

after dinner, we went to the grocery store and i got stuff to make oatmeal chocolate chip craisin cookies !!!


here is the dumb recipeCollapse )

it was pretty late when we got back so i just baked and we watched a few episodes of home movies (the thing where walter and perry curse is like my favorite)

a horse person

on sunday, mike and emily came down and mouse met up with us and we got delicious indian food !!!!!! mike also helped me drop my laundry off and i petted this beautiful belgian malinois who i ALREADY HAD A PICTURE OF ON MY FLICKR:


we sat around at my apartment after that basically torturing emily by showing her the worst music of the 90s (prodigy, eve 6, verve pipe, etc.) until it was time for me to raid.

tensions have been high in my guild lately and last night's raid (and friday's 10man) were great ! we did freya and hodir on friday (and i was #2 on overall damage out of 5) and last night we got ignis, kologarn, the iron council, and auriaya (except for kologarn we'd never gotten all those people in 25 man ! and i was #6 overall out of 15) and everyone was cheerful and in good spirits. if raiding was always like that i would ignore even more of my real life to do it.

anyway i'm busy at work- it's really getting down to the wire with my dumb event and the alumni of our school are so consistently rude to me and treat me like shit so this is like the worst week !
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shine the light [30 Apr 2009|10:14am]
[ mood | busy ]

hey dudes. yesterday i got home from work and took a long feverish nap. mouse called me in the middle of it and started telling me something about anderson silva and forrest griffin and i remember responding to him and at one point realizing that i was not awake. it was so weird, because i was obviously awake enough to be talking to him, but i totally realized that i couldn't comprehend anything he was saying because i was still asleep. and last night i had weird fitful sleep with periods where i was half-awake/half-asleep !!!


oh so in more exciting news, christina and i totally got that apartment ! we haven't signed the lease yet but it was so quick and awesome- i don't even have to pay a deposit, he's just transferring my current deposit ! oops, i better fix all the holes i put in the walls. once the lease is signed i really need to clean my apartment so he can show it. mouse said he'd come over again and supervise the process- i better make him cupcakes or something. or oatmeal cranberry chocolate chip cookies )#@)*$)*)$*)$

last night i had a dream that christina and i moved in together and were unpacking and she brought an ALF doll wearing jean shorts into my room and was like, "do you want this jean shorts ALF?" and as a result i'm now looking at toys from when i was little on ebay with itchy fingers to buy them. as you guys probably know, my biggest weakness is mapletowns/sylvanian families:


i wanted them so bad as a kid and any time i see them i get filled with sadness and desire and start bidding like crazy on ebay, which i just did. but i should be saving money for new apartment furnishings and crap !!!!

ughghhg. jean shorts alf.
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bananaphone [28 Apr 2009|12:30pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

okay sorry dudes i was really busy today !!! yesterday i looked at apartments with my current landlord to find a 2 bedroom for me and christina. the first place i saw was PERFECT. decent sized, first floor, beautiful awesome block, heat included, backyard that only we can access, in our price range. i took some pictures but be warned, the girls who live there have no personalities or decorating sense:


the exterior


i don't think this room could be uglier- there's a few more feet to the right with a tv and bookshelves, and some bookshelves against the wall


the hallway


one bedroom- i didn't take a picture of the other cause it was locked, but they're the same size. for scale, that's a queen bed.


can you believe 2 early-20-something women live here? the bathroom



ahhhh look at all that counter space !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the.. three ovens? i didn't notice them in person, only when i looked at the pictures after

anyway, cross your fingers- i should know pretty soon if we got it or not. it's 2 blocks from my current apartment, across the street from clark park, and by a million wonderful and beautiful things. it's also very close to mouse's !

speaking of mouse, he came over after work and we walked to the woodlands, a historic cemetery around the corner from my apartment. it's gorgeous this time of year, lots of cherry blossoms ! can anyone explain what that symbol on grave markers is that looks like a dollar sign with three lines?


we also decided to make thomas evans' tomb our new hangout because it's so gigantic and looks like a fun place to play board games, plus we would be farting on the grave of a very vain person. LOOK HOW BIG THIS IS:


that little white dot is mouse's hat !

after that, we came back to my house and mouse prodded me into cleaning (i want to get my apartment clean ASAP in case my landlord needs to show it !) and we watched the phillies game. wooooo grand slams (which the announcer called "grand salamis", r.i.p. harry kalas) by howard and ibanez ! we made plans to go to a phillies game, and then i kicked him out when i got tired of cleaning. but really, i need to do that today.

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clingy goatee baby [27 Apr 2009|11:09am]
[ mood | happy ]

hey dudes ! i had a good weekend. on friday, mouse picked me up from work and we spent like an hour in traffic going to whole foods to prepare for our beach trip. after that, i met up with jeanne and jesse in clark park. some of jesse's friends were there too but i don't know their names except for sonrisa ! i felt ashamed because i totally brought the worst snacks. that's what happens when you get snacks at a healthy food store though :( the grapes i got were totally soft and the pretzels i got were both whole wheat and low salt. i did get myself a container of seitan korma so i ended up being okay. roxy #1


after that, i came home and cleaned up a little and prepared some food for the beach (i made the same avocado and tomato pasta salad but with smoked tomato dressing) and watched the food network and stuff. on saturday morning, mouse picked me up at 9am and we went to island beach state park in new jersey ! we had a 2 hour drive but mouse made good cds. island beach is a strip of the shore that.. is a state park. it was awesome, really pretty and almost totally empty ! unfortunately though with the sea breeze we were freezing cold so we had to put a sheet over us, which mouse kept referring to as the tent.



view from the tent


the tent from outside


mouse looking EXACTLY like his sister in the tent

the tent

we ate sandwiches and cookies under the tent and i read a book (jellicoe road, which i hated at first but now i love, despite its problems). i think i disappointed mouse a little because i don't like lighthouses so i didn't want to go see the barnegat lighthouse, and hiking on sand is crappy. we wandered around a little and got to see the nature area which was kind of empty because of the time of year. no blueberries or dragon flies !

we drove around the shore after that, looking for soft serve ice cream, and ended up at a terrible little ice cream shop where i got gross, gummy, weird pistachio ice cream. on the way home, we stopped at BIG LOTS where i got play doh, simpsons band aids, expired lotion, and saw this stuff:

bald guyz

and wegmans, my favorite grocery store ever. i got a bunch of cool vegetarian food and weird junk ! i wish we lived closer to one, though i guess that one is pretty close. after we got home, i desperately tried and failed to nap so mouse stopped over and we watched ufc's greatest turnarounds or something. i'm glad i got to hang out with mouse, i've been feeling antisocial and hermity lately but we had the best time.

yesterday i did not leave my house once and it was awesome, though i felt nauseated from the heat and inactivity. i also discovered that my calves are sore from walking in the sand, but i didn't even notice yesterday because i didn't go anywhere ! i also raided for awhile last night, and we just wiped on auriaya for like 3 hours.

hey dudes. today i'm looking at two apartments for me and christina- one at 40th and chestnut and one at 44th and baltimore !
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iko iko [24 Apr 2009|01:20pm]
[ mood | good ]

dudes, i was just browsing rachel's etsy store (check it out ! cool plus size vintage stuff and creepy neat vintage stuff !) and stumbled across this purse. okay, am i mistaken, or is this me?


like the person who made it must have modeled it after me or something. i wonder why they made me so sad, i must've been having a bad day.

hey guys ! i'm annoyingly busy at work ! tonight i'm going grocery shopping with mouse and then possibly porch-sitting with jesse and jeanne? drinking beers and eating tofu hoagies. tomorrow morning, mouse and i are going to island beach state park, on the jersey shore, to wander around. it's usually less crowded than the other beaches because it costs money to get in, and i think it's cleaner? we're going to hang out and explore and have a picnic and take pictures. i'm going to read a book too. i assume on sunday i'll have indian food, go to a museum, something like that? before my raid.

oh, last night we raided. we downed the deconstructor and kologarn pretty easily, but i had to leave after a few attempts on the iron council. i was #8 overall dps and was #3 on the deconstructor attempt where we killed him !!!!


i had a lot of fun, even though there's a "wacky" guy in my guild who "does voices". he's a very nice person but after awhile i couldn't take it anymore and was like SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. anyway, back to work, i hate being busy !

p.s. plugging rachel's store made me remember to plug jesse's store, young lady vintage, though none of her clothes are fat enough for me !!!!!
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once and again [23 Apr 2009|11:12am]
[ mood | stressed ]

hey dudes. last night judd and i ate food and watched the new futurama movie ! it was a pretty low-key evening and he left and i was in bed by midnight. since i don't really have anything to talk about today, i'm going to post pictures of all of my current glasses.



too big, too batman-y


too weirdly shaped and small


too art teacher-y


these are a weird angle and the back is leopard print which i somehow didn't notice


these are my favorite


these are my second favorite








that said, i'm pretty sure i'm going to order these in black and brown to complete the set:


i wonder how bad i will be if i ever fit into non-plus size clothes? because i'm totally out of control with cheap glasses. i'll probably be like the tasmanian devil at forever 21 or tj maxx or something.

ED therapy today, hate going, don't know if i'm making progress but that part is my fault.
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let the right one in [22 Apr 2009|11:10am]
[ mood | busy ]

you guys know how much i hate doing work at work right? i'm going to be so busy until after the third week of may :(

last night mouse and mike came over for dinner- i had plans with mouse, but i left sunset boulevard in mike's car so he came by too ! i had a delicious dinner planned because i found ripe avocados at the produce stand, and fresh strawberries too, but it was a mild disaster. first of all, for some reason, i could not get my vinaigrette to taste right. i'm italian so i've been making basic vinaigrettes since i was like 6 months old, and for some reason they kept coming out really bitter? i think the olive oil i was using was gross or something- i tried it with lemon and it was awful, so i tried it with red wine vinegar and it was even worse ! oh, i also tried to try it with white balsamic vinegar but i somehow knocked the unopened bottle over and shattered it all over my floor and rug. so, my apartment smells awesome.

i ended up making a warm pasta salad with avocado chunks, halved cherry tomatoes, and :( storebought italian dressing :( it tasted okay, and mouse and mike liked it, so ehhhh.


for dessert i made a really good, moist vegan white cake and i halved the strawberries and put a spoonful of sugar on them so it would create a syrup, and served those with the cake.

last night we raided, and it wasn't too bad- i got an awesome dagger and we managed to down two bosses- flame leviathan and razorscale. we worked on deconstructor too but it was getting kind of late- we had a lot of new people who hadn't been on last week to work on this stuff, so there were a lot of learning wipes.


i'm excited for thursday night !!!!!

i have a ton of shit to do at work today including a bunch of mass e-mails and bullshit. :( judd is coming over tonight too and we're gonna eat food or something.
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not lebanese, blanche. lesbian. [21 Apr 2009|12:24pm]
[ mood | good ]

i'm trying to come up with a delicious dinner idea for tonight and i'm coming up short ! i'm making pasta for me and mouse (and mike, cause i left my rented movie in his car and he's bringing it back) and mouse is a kind of picky eater.

picky eater

what i would like to make: pasta with asparagus and a lemon garlic sauce (or pasta with avocado and cherry tomatoes in a lemon garlic sauce)
the problems: mouse is vegan (not a problem since i only really make vegan pasta dishes), and only likes carrots, peas, corn, string beans, and peppers.

any suggestions? i like all the vegetables he likes minus peppers, but none of those vegetables seem delicious and glamorous enough for a hearty delicious pasta dish.
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what time can you come over? [20 Apr 2009|11:12am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hey dudes. i had an okay weekend ! on friday, i was home from work because i was so nauseated. i went to the store and got a bunch of strawberries, rented home movies season 3 and finally figured out where my nausea was going and got pretty suddenly alarmingly grossly sick. i was basically glued to the bathroom for an hour or two. i took a nap after that and missed the group formation for the ulduar 10man and was SO SICK AND MAD. i got in later and had fun though.

on saturday i did some wow stuff like making gold and getting some mounts- i got the 50 mount achivement and was rewarded with an albino drake.


then i finally sucked it up and did the occulus (and had to do culling of stratholme again cause it was bugged) to get the champion of the frozen wastes title. what a productive day in warcraft ! mouse came over after that and we went to cvs and went to new delhi. it was okay but it sucks to go to indian buffet when you aren't starving. we rented sunset boulevard because mouse hadn't seen it and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that movie.

mr demille i"m ready for my closeup

if you haven't seen it, i'd check it out. gloria swanson is like my favorite person of all time because of this movie. the whole time i was like, I SHOULD ACT LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME @$)*)@*)%* while mouse shook his head firmly.

on sunday morning, i signed up for an archery class on a whim. it was in northeast philly and mike and emily came with me ! i was the first up and i hit the bullseye on my fourth arrow ! it was so fun and i can't wait to go back, and now i'm looking for a bow if anyone has a lead. i used a nice entry level compound bow for most of it that i really liked, but the last couple of times i used a beautiful recurve bow and i think that's what i'm going to look for. my only real complaint is that the group who organized it charged $40 per person but the archery place charges $6.50 to use their range as long as you want. ugh !!! the people there were mostly nice/friendly though and i made friends with a geeky hippie girl.


after that, we got vegan cheesesteaks at homeslice (mine was terrible- it's a mixture of tofu, onion, mushroom, and PEPPERS as the 'steak' and then like a gallon of american cheese? ugh so gross) and diana came over and gave us haircuts !!! i got my hair dyed dark brown to try to get the red out (it'll turn red anyway though, it always does) and got the best haircut ever. she's going to put more short layers on top next time too:


(please ignore the dye stain on my shirt)

after they left, it was time to raid ! we downed razorscale and had a few valiant attempts on this weird boss that cries like a baby but is a jalopy robot. everyone was mostly in good spirits and i had fun, but progression stuff is really expensive. i need to get goldfarming.

okay bye !
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look how beautiful it is outside, y'all [17 Apr 2009|12:29pm]
[ mood | good ]

hey guysssss. i didn't go to work today cause i feel headachey and nauseated. i was supposed to go look at apartments today for me and christina, but my old landlord only has 1 bedrooms right now and i don't want to get bunk beds. i'm not sure what's wrong ! but i have a big mailing to do today so i have to crawl in to work at 2 to do it.

last night my guild did ulduar for real. we downed flame leviathan in one shot with no deaths, and then proceeded to die over and over and over on the next boss we tried, who is super overpowered and confusing and weird. we're going to start with a different boss on sunday !


that thing on his chest is called his SLAG POT which is what i call my vagina now.

i also tried my hand at braiding my hair. it used to be impossible because my hair was so SILKY and slippery, but now it's uh, damaged a little so it stays braided. i have layers though so it's a little screwed up. anyway here !


i think this may be my new "look" for the summer if i can find matching ponytail holders and stop fucking with my hair all the time.

not much is going on this weekend- 10man (or like 9 man 1 woman) ulduar tonight, hanging out with mouse tomorrow, and then maybe lots of stuff sunday? it's greek easter at bj and helen's which is always fun, but diana is going to be here and i want to hug her and crap ! i don't know what to do. i hope you guys have a good weekend.

p.s. my little surprise half brother made a death knight on my realm, awww.
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teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabag [16 Apr 2009|10:30am]
[ mood | sick ]

sooooo yesterday i found out i have a surprise half brother, VIA FACEBOOK. i haven't talked to my dad in 18 years and this kid is 16, and all my cousins from my dad's side confirmed it. HUH. i have almost no feelings about it except like

1) huh
2) huh?
3) too bad another person has to have my dad for a dad
4) weird
5) it's annoying that i'm not the baby anymore
6) cool


we talked for awhile on facebook- he does mma, plays wow, has cerebral palsy, and is into video games and stuff. he showed me his character on the armory and he's alliance scum on a non-pvp server ughhhh. but he made a character on my server and we talked for awhile. poor kid, what a crappy life- he was in the hospital when he was little and my dad stopped coming to the hospital and just disappeared. i was like, 'dude, you're better off !'. anyway the whole thing is weird and not entirely uncool.

mouse also came over and we made sweet potato burritos which were just okay- i didn't really think about what we were going to put in it and winged it, and i'd probably do it differently next time. the potatoes were good though, i just put margarine and garlic and salt and cumin in them. we watched an episode of night gallery

night gallery

i have to say, i enjoy that show, but it really sucks? hard to explain, it's just kind of boring and poorly thought out and only occasionally as creepy as i want it to be, but i like watching it. we also watched some vale tudo matches and looked at my friends' babies on flickr.

i just realized i have a meeting now ughhh.

p.s. still looking for etsy suggestions !
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baby all i need is one night [15 Apr 2009|09:53am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

last night i had delicious indian food with jeanne, zia, and jesse (why do all my friends have cool names?) and had the best time. there was talk of maybe doing a regular eating thing with the three of them, and i'd be so into it. we talked a lot about birthday parties- i think zia, jesse, and i are all within weeks of each other- and how weird everyone in the world is. then i came home and played wow. new content was released yesterday so we tried to do a 25 man raid of the new junk, ulduar. it was really cool- the first fight is a vehicle fight and someone else drove a tank while i attacked stuff. unfortunately the instance server crashed the second we got to the door the first boss comes out of.

flame leviathan

kind of anti-climatic for something called flame leviathan, huh? anyway there's a cool lovecraftian boss later that drives you insane and i'm excited for that.

all that said, i'm pretty busy at work today so i'm leaving you guys with a challenge ! find me something cool that is around $30 to buy on etsy.


stuff i like: animals, monsters, dinosaurs, cryptozoology, fleur de lis, paisley, purple/orange/green/brown, cartoon teeth, feathers, robin hood
stuff i need: cute laptop sleeve, new wallet (bill fold with credit card slots only), necklaces, headbands
stuff i DO NOT like/need: sailor jerry looking shit, cherries, flames, dice, any rockabilly bullshit, AMY BUTLER FABRICS, sequins, furry yarn, knitted flowers, grocery totes, candles, figurines, owls and deer, pirates, ninjas, anything with a slogan that doesn't involve punk or cursing, magnets

p.s. i'm looking at new apartments friday and i'm going to look at some 2 bedrooms for me and christina karaaaaa.
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